Elegance at AMINA Premium Lounge
Exclusive members-only access to our refined lounge—indulge in gourmet food, premium beverages, unwind with a game of pool, and elevate your evenings with karaoke in a serene environment.
Panoramic Pleasures: Open-Air Atmosphere
Savor your coffee with a 360-degree cityscape view.
APL Pizza: Where Taste Takes Center Stage
Experience uniquely captivating flavors that redefine pizza perfection.
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Private Hire for Gatherings and Celebrations

We love to see our members share and enjoy their special occasions with friends and family in our Lounge. To make these moments more memorable, we are delighted to offer our members the opportunity to hire lounge, services with food & beverages.


Hourly Rate: 1,000/-
maximum 35 pax

3 Hours Package: 2,700/-
maximum 70 pax

Sun Deck

Hourly Rate: 900/-
maximum 15 pax

3 Hours Package: 2,430/-
maximum 30 pax

Lounge & Sun Deck

Hourly Rate: 1,900/-
maximum 50 pax

3 Hours Package: 5,130/-
maximum 100 pax

Lounge & Pool

Hourly Rate: 1,120/-
maximum 35 pax

3 Hours Package: 3,024/-
maximum 70 pax

Lounge & Karaoke

Hourly Rate: 1,250/-
maximum 35 pax

3 Hours Package: 3,375/-
maximum 70 pax

Lounge, Pool & Karaoke

Hourly Rate: 1,370/-
maximum 35 pax

3 Hours Package: 3,699/-
maximum 70 pax

Lounge, Sun Deck & Pool

Hourly Rate: 2,020/-
maximum 50 pax

3 Hours Package: 5,454/-
maximum 100 pax

Lounge, Sun Deck & Karaoke

Hourly Rate: 2,150/-
maximum 50 pax

3 Hours Package: 5,805/-
maximum 100 pax

Lounge, Sun Deck, Pool & Karaoke

Hourly Rate: 2,270/-
maximum 50 pax

3 Hours Package: 6,129/-
maximum 100 pax

Please note that we will have to allow access to Sun Deck for members via the Lounge if Sun Deck is not hired.

Food and Drinks

A variety of buffet choices that includes finger foods, snacks and gourmet meals are available for all events. 


Members may put up decorations of their choice without affixing any materials to the walls or fixtures of the Lounge. We will allow 30 minutes prior & after the booked time for putting up & taking down the decorations.

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