Welcome to AMINA Premium Lounge
Offering members only access to AMINA Premium Lounge
to enjoy food and beverages, Pool Table and Jacuzzi in a relaxed environment.
Open Air Space
Enjoy the 360 degree view of the city while you enjoy your coffee.
Take a Dip in the Jacuzzi
Relax and revive your body from daily tensions


APL Pizza

APL Pizza is a popular pizza in the Maldives known for offering a wide range of pizza options, including meat, cheese, and vegetarian flavors. Our pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and are known for their delicious taste. If you’re a pizza lover visiting the Maldives, you may want to give APL Pizza a try and see if you agree with the positive reviews.
Amina Premium Lounge is a members-only lounge in the Maldives that offers various amenities, including dining options. Below are the current offers.

Offer: Any Pizza flavor for MVR 99

Many Flavors ONE PRICE MVR 99/-. Offer valid till 31st March 2023. Grab a slice taste the difference!

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