Elegance at AMINA Premium Lounge
Exclusive members-only access to our refined lounge—indulge in gourmet food, premium beverages, unwind with a game of pool, and elevate your evenings with karaoke in a serene environment.
Panoramic Pleasures: Open-Air Atmosphere
Savor your coffee with a 360-degree cityscape view.
APL Pizza: Where Taste Takes Center Stage
Experience uniquely captivating flavors that redefine pizza perfection.
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AMINA Premium Lounge Rules

We have four very simple rules for Amina Premium Club members to enjoy Amina Premium Lounge. By accepting to become a member of the AMINA Premium Club you are also accepting these rules.

1 Entrance to Amina Premium Lounge is strictly restricted to Amina Premium Club members. As a Member you may invite a maximum of three guests to enjoy food, drinks and other services while you are in the Lounge.

2 While in the Lounge, you and your guests are expected to act in a manner respectful of the rights of others to comfortably use the Lounge. Avoid undue disturbances and respect each other and staff.

3 Before leaving the Lounge please ensure to settle your bill. Food and drinks and other services are chargeable. To use the Pool Table and Jacuzzi advanced booking is required. You can book from the member’s area of the website.

4 While enjoying the Lounge, if you cause any damage to property and things resulting from undue behaviour and improper use, you will be required to compensate us adequately.

Enjoy Amina Premium Lounge.

AMINA Premium Club membership, accrual and redemption of points and other matters relating to membership will be governed by the AMINA Premium Club Terms and Conditions.

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