Invitation now open for home cooks to be part of the AMINA Premium Lounge

  • 3 years ago

AMINA Premium Lounge, which is to be opened soon, has invited home cooks to be part of their Culinary Panel. AMINA Premium Lounge, which is to be opened soon, has invited home cooks to be part of their Culinary Panel. The Panel will consist of seven members, who will be offered a one year contract with AMINA Premium Lounge to prepare and showcase their food to AMINA Premium Club members.

AMINA Premium Lounge is a members-only Lounge situated on the eleventh floor of AMINA Residency, offering one of the most beautiful views of the city and the surrounding sea. The outstanding view combined with a pleasant décor is expected to make the lounge an ideal place for its members to catch up on their work, gather together for small meetings or simply just to relax with a coffee after a long day at work. The Lounge is to operate on a unique model whereby access to Premium Lounge and its services are for only members of the AMINA Premium Club. Club membership is complementary and will be awarded through an invitation from AMINA.

AMINA, a local brand for real estate and hospitality industry developed and owned by FALIM Group Private Limited, has taken the lounge concept one step further to enhance members’ experience by offering a Jacuzzi in a semi-private area within the Lounge for members to relax those overworked muscles; and a pool table to enjoy while having a coffee together with food. A Sun Deck is also provided at the roof level, where you have a 360 degree view of the city and the sea. The view from Sun Deck at sundown is the best a city hotel can offer and is not to be missed.

Along with a selection of cold and hot beverages and snacks throughout the day, AMINA Premium Lounge will also offer meals prepared by members of it Culinary Panel.

Under the one year contract, the seven members of the Culinary Panel will be given opportunity to combine their signature dishes or select days to individually showcase their dishes on a roster basis. All dishes put forward by the Culinary Panel members will be coordinated and approved by the Premium Lounge and incorporated into the menu. Based on the demand and popularity of the dishes, daily orders will be placed with the Culinary Panel members to prepare the food, in the comfort or their own home kitchens using their own fine ingredients and other resources. Prior to selection of the home cooks for the Culinary Panel and randomly thereafter, AMINA Premium Lounge will also inspect the home cooks’ kitchens to ensure health and safety aspects in food preparation are adhered to and food prepared is of best quality. Culinary Panel members will be compensated for their services either on daily basis or monthly basis whichever is preferred and manageable.

AMINA Premium Lounge believes this would be a wonderful win-win opportunity for the Culinary Panel members to showcase their talent and for the customers to enjoy those exquisite tastes of home food in the comfortable environment offered at the Premium Lounge.

Home cooks interested in this exciting initiative may email their CVs and photos of their home kitchen setup to for consideration.

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