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Aminath Aboobakuru​

The AMINA brand is inspired by the life of the late Aminath Aboobakur, a Maldivian famously and lovingly known by the name Amina in and around her neighbourhood, in Male’, Maldives.

Amina was a single mother who raised three daughters and two sons by taking various jobs from wealthy households. She worked tirelessly during the day cleaning floors, preparing meals and washing clothes, and stayed awake at night to take care of the elderly. She had the larger part of her life filled with challenges and hardships, yet remained cheerfully content. She was hospitable, simple and clean: and so is the AMINA brand, where all the services are inspired by her life and her aspirations to make life better for everyone around her.

The AMINA brand delivers inspiration from her to all the members of the AMINA family. All our guests are welcomed from our hearts, just like Amina herself did throughout her life. That’s her legacy and that’s AMINA!


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